Welcome to the SPS Music page, I’m Andrew Holtz the middle school and high school Band & Choir teacher.

What this means is that I have a busy schedule!

  • 6th Grade Beginning Band
  • 7th/8th Middle School Band
  • HS Band
  • HS Jazz Band
  • HS Choir

But no complaints! I enjoy our students and what I teach immensely! It’s not every teacher who gets the privilege to help a 6th grade assemble their clarinet for the first time – and then seven years later conduct them in the band at our HS Commencement.

I’m entering my 12th year of teaching here. The Saugatuck community is extremely supportive of the arts – from the performing arts to the fine arts – and I appreciate this big time. I also am grateful that everyone strives to include all ages and abilities.

I believe Band and Choir provide beneficial experiences to every learner.

#1 Music enriches learning in all areas, academic and social; #2 While other academics are largely individual-centered, Band and Choir contain a powerful group dynamic; #3 A student may not play an instrument forever, but they can sing and always be an appreciative consumer of music; and #4 Shy and introverted students can excel and express their personal uniqueness through music in multiple ways

In my classes, I strive to present a wide range of music so students can grow and learn to develop and articulate their own musical opinions. I also strive to offer more than just music to my students as best I can.

I want every student to feel valued, cared for, and validated for who they are and who they can be.

If you’re a parent, please do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas or questions about the Band & Choir program and your student. We can always use extra volunteer help and community support, too.

I’d enjoy hearing from you. Reach me at: or 269-857-2133.


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Mr. Andrew Holtz
Music Teacher
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Check back often for news about our music programs.