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Mr. Tom Lagone
Director of Finance
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I’m entering my 3rd year as Director of Finance and Business Services at SPS.  Prior to this, I grew my skills in school finance, budgeting and operations with Allendale Public Schools and Hamilton Community Schools.  Moving from my private sector background in accounting to public school finance a few years ago was eye-opening!

Not only did I get a better appreciation for the unique challenges and budget constraints faced by our school district, I got the opportunity to work with a host of hard-working and future-oriented educators.

I’ve also gained a better appreciation for the good work of superintendents, school leadership teams, and members on the Board of Education.  First hand, I’ve seen their commitment to act in the best interests of students, be responsive to staff members and parents alike and be good stewards of the taxpayer resources provided to them.  With respect to my role here at SPS, I am grateful out district values transparency in school finance, the ongoing maintenance of a healthy fund balance, and keeps the focus on excellence in academic and extra-curricular programs.

As you read this, please know that I’m one who always likes to listen and learn.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you a suggestion or questions.  I believe in a friendly OPEN BOOK – OPEN DOOR approach, and I hope you will reach out to connect with me sometime.



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