Five Year Strategic Plan Released

The Saugatuck Public Schools Board of Education adopted a new five year strategic plan at its May 15, 2023 regular meeting.  Strategic actions and measurements were developed to focus human capital and resources in four broad goal areas:

  • To provide a personalized education through student support and engagement.
  • To provide excellence in offerings and delivery through increasing student exploration, innovation, global education and core instruction.
  • To provide a culture conducive to learning through student belonging and individualized attention.
  • To provide district strength and viability through exceptional facilities, fiscal responsibility, community engagement and faculty/staff belonging.

In addition, six belief statements were developed from focus group meetings and survey responses. At Saugatuck Public Schools we believe in:

  • powerful community connections.
  • family partnerships and shared trust.
  • an academic culture of high expectations and high support.
  • a positive district culture where every  student and employee feels they belong.
  • the strength of our district’s size.
  • the idea that learning happens in many ways, places and times.

The strategic plan was informed by multiple focus group meetings involving over 135 faculty and staff members, parents, students, community members and members of the board of education and results of a survey of parents, students, and community members. Altogether, 362 survey responses were gathered.