PDF for the Essentials of Project Based Learning (PBL)

Syllabus for Online PBL Classes

Syllabus for Monthly Kits – varies by kit.  Each online class will include supplemental videos to give a better understanding of the kit and require a monthly project to be completed.

Community experts and kits for the extended learning opportunity.

Enrollment Form

Saugatuck Public Schools takes pride in individualizing education for all learners and we continue to grow options for all students.  One of our many options is online learning.  Saugatuck provides online learning opportunities for 6-12 grade shared-time (part time) online students in addition to all 6-12 grade traditional students.  All Virtual School classes are also offered and available to our traditional public school students.  A complete list of the non-essential electives offered through SPS are listed at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lLgbW6ErNkpQ-Wpt85WHuqdhnJSaAxQhg6AbCVoh-EA/edit#gid=0.

Project Based Learning classes are classes you work on online at school or at home under the direction of a certified teacher.  Online Project Based Learning classes are available to all traditional SPS students as well as area shared time students living in a touching intermediate School District.  An online class will guide the student towards completion of a project.  Students are required to communicate with a mentor teacher weekly.  There will be an opportunity at the end of each semester to share and display the project at an expo.  In addition to the Project Based Learning online class, the student may choose an extended learning opportunity taught by a community expert to apply their learning.

Traditional students should contact their counselor (wdelhaye@saugatuckps.com) or building principal (mneidlinger@saugatuckps.com) to request a core or elective Virtual class.  For additional information on Virtual School classes and to find out if they would work for your learner, please contact Liz Wilson (ewilson@saugatuckps.com). 

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