Operating and Community Recreation Millage

On November 5, 2019, voters in the Saugatuck Public School District will be asked to consider the approval of two different millage proposals.  On the ballot will be (1) an operating millage proposal and (2) a millage proposal to provide funds to operate a system of public recreation and playgrounds.  These are not new taxes, as district voters approved virtually identical proposals in 2017.

The operating millage proposal will ask voters to again renew an 18 mill non-homestead property tax on businesses, second homes and commercial property to fully fund our district, as prescribed by state law.  This 18 mill non-homestead property tax does not apply to owner-occupied residences.  The proposal also includes a previously-approved 1.5 mill hold harmless levy for operating purposes on all property.

The combination of the 18 mills on non-homestead property and the hold harmless mills would generate approximately $6,345,221 for the 2020-21 school year, which is approximately 68% of the district’s operating budget. If this proposal does not pass, the State of Michigan would not replace the $6,345,221 of funding, which would effectively limit the ability of the Saugatuck Public School system to operate moving forward.

The second ballot proposal is a three-year renewal to allow the Saugatuck Public Schools to continue to operate the community recreation program for the next three years (through 2022). The millage rate would remain the same at 0.25 mills, as the voters approved in 2017, and if approved would raise approximately $161,528 in 2020-21 to operate the community recreation program. This equates to 100% of community recreation funding.