“The Code” refers to teaching students how to be successful in school. Teaching “The Code” is one of three instructional strategies the Saugatuck staff is currently developing as a result of our work with the Harvard Change Network.

The Change Network is a group composed of 15 Western Michigan school districts. The districts range in size from Grand Rapids Public Schools with 21,000 students to Saugatuck with 878 students. The group meets eight times each year; four of the meetings are with Dr. Richard Lemons, a professor from Harvard’s School of Education.

The Change Network often studies the work of Dr. Richard Elmore, who is also a professor and researcher on staff at Harvard’s School of Education. One of Elmore’s suggestions regarding classroom improvement includes teaching “The Code.”

“The Code” refers to teaching students those intangibles of how to be successful in school. It also includes having the expectation that all of our students will move on to some form of higher education when they leave the Saugatuck Public Schools system.

We’re asking for your help in teaching your child how he/she can be successful in school.

Please make a commitment to provide support, encouragement, and planning using the suggestions listed in this brochure.

Our hope is that together we can instill in all of our students the desire to set goals and the skills to meet challenges.

The Saugatuck Public Schools Staff

Download the brochure of the CODE