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Online Learning

In fulfilling its mission to "Prepare Students for Life", Saugatuck Public Schools provides students with a variety of course offering options including traditional face-to-face courses, blended courses, online courses, tech center courses and dual enrollment courses through local colleges.  By taking advantage of different course formats, it is possible for SHS graduates to earn more than 30 college credits while attending Saugatuck High School.

Advanced Placement courses may be taken on campus or online through the Michigan Online Course Catalog.  Student may also choose to enroll in other online courses through the Michigan Online Course Catalog.  For more information about online learning, please visit About Michigan's Online Course Catalog.

If your student is interested in online learning as part of their well-rounded education at Saugatuck Public Schools, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Review and discuss the Characteristics of Successful Online Learners.
  2. Review the link to Parent Guide to Online Learning published by MVU.
  3. Print and complete the Online Readiness Questionnaire.
  4. Review the courses offered in the Michigan Online Course Catalog (select statewide catalog).
  5. Print and complete the Online Learning Course Request Form.
  6. Return the above forms to the school counselor.
  7. Schedule a meeting with the counselor, student, and parent/guardian during the course registration window.
  8. Complete the Online Learning Contract.
  9. Complete Enrollment.

If you have questions regarding online courses, please contact Middle-High School principal, Tim Travis or guidance counselor Wendy Delhaye.