Douglas Elementary
261 Randolph Street
Douglas, MI 49406
Ph – 269-857-2139

Arrival/Dismissal Times
7:55 am / 2:55 pm
11:15 am Dismissal for 1/2 Days

At Douglas Elementary School (DES), we know each of our students has unique needs. In an effort to provide an individualized education, teachers work to differentiate instruction in the classroom. Students requiring remedial services are supported through our Learning is Fun Together (LIFT) program and students requiring more challenging activities are supported in the classroom and through enrichment opportunities provided by our staff and community volunteers.

Our family atmosphere and positive school climate are strengths for DES. We teach students how to use words to peacefully resolve conflicts. Our focus on respect helps provide an emotionally safe place for students to take risks, explore, and grow as learners. In addition, an updated security system and front door buzz-in system give Douglas Elementary students a learning environment that is physically safe.

As a school, we promote healthy student-to-student interactions through our numerous extracurricular clubs, athletics, and programs. Students can choose from multiple after school club and athletic offerings each semester.

Our Community Recreation programs provide a place for students to gather with students of like interests to learn and play together in sports programs like baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, skiing, and rocket football.

With a strong emphasis on the arts, Douglas Elementary School’s Art a’ Loan program gives student artists a real-world experience. Student artwork, created during regular art classes, is chosen by a panel of community artists who serve as judges. The work is matted and framed to include a picture and a short biography of the student artist. Each piece is rented for $100 at a community auction held at the local library in October. The works of art are hung in businesses, doctor and dentist offices, local municipalities, and other visible public places. After one year, the artwork is returned to the student artist. All money from the auction is used to support the school art program. In addition to the fall Art-a-Loan program, Douglas Elementary students create and exhibit hundreds of art pieces each spring through the school’s Visiting Artists Series. The program pairs local artists with students from each grade. This program, along with our other academic and fine arts enrichment offerings, provides Douglas Elementary School students multiple opportunities to develop their talents in all areas of the curriculum.

DES has an involved Parent-Teacher Association and supportive community. Our students’ parents, parent groups, and community organizations have built powerful relationships with our administrators, teachers and staff. Because of their efforts, we have been able to create strong ties between school, community, and home. Parent and community volunteers serve our students as mentors, classroom volunteers, coaches, financial donors, and assist with special programs and events. With support from our local municipalities, businesses, churches, parent-teacher organization, and community partners, we continue to grow better and better each year as a school.

Contact Information

Michaelle Gust, Principal
Douglas Elementary School
261 Randolph Street
Douglas, MI 49406