Jennifer Kierzek

Mrs. Jennifer Kierzek
3-Year Old
Preschool Instructor
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Ms. Cherri Pedric
4-Year Old
Preschool Instructor
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Knowing that a solid foundation is key to academic success in school and beyond, Saugatuck Public Schools is dedicated to excellence in our early childhood programs.  Our programs are uniquely designed to nurture and guide the the early learner.

ECC staff members believe in providing a safe and caring learning environment for students. The philosophy behind the program is that young children learn while doing. Meaningful play and interaction are a big part of the total program. Staff members also believe learning is an active, exciting process that involves the whole child and is balanced among all areas of child development including social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

The preschool curriculums are theme and literature based. While exploring themes and patterns, students acquire readiness skills in all content areas. Daily lesson plan goals, schedule, activities, toys, materials, and physical set-up of the classroom space are designed to help accomplish these goals.

Beginning this fall, our four year old preschool program will add 33% more learning time, and will run Monday through Thursday under the continued leadership of Cherrie Pedric with assistance from Andrea Lavery.  Our three year old program continues to operate two days per week with the addition of instructor Jen Kierzek and paraprofessional Kimberly Haas.

Our preschool is also in the process of becoming a Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) preschool which will provide increased access to free preschool for qualifying families. To enroll in our preschool, visit

Preschool openings are still available this fall for both three and four year olds.

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