Online Classes

Saugatuck Public Schools has partnerships with Kickstand, Edgenuity, Edynamic, and MVU to provide Online Learning Opportunities.

Saugatuck Full time students may select online electives.  All core classes will be selected with assistance from administration to best meet the learning style, graduation requirements, and needs of the individual student.  Full time students should talk to their counselor to enroll in PBL classes.  List of PLB Classes

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For part time students:

  • Only electives and semester long courses may be selected.
  • All AP courses count as electives and may be selected.
  • All online classes are done at your own time and place as long as student stays on track.  Many online classes have set start and end dates.  Online classes can be worked on at home, the library or the school.
  • Students need to complete all classes on their schedule.
  • Online classes are available for grades 6-12 and will count as 1 of the 3 optional electives.
  • Every student taking an online class will be assigned a mentor who will communicate with them about progress and content of their online class.  It is required the student communicates with their mentor teacher.
  • Do Not Purchase any online classes.  Saugatuck Public Schools will purchase the class and email your user name and password to you in August.
  • Contact Kristie Noguera 269-857-9503 or knoguera@saugatuckps.com
  • List of Community Experts and kits for the extended learning opportunity.