Shared Time Online Course Catalog

Shared-time students may participate in elective online courses through Odysseyware and Michigan Virtual, selected onsite elective courses, and online project-based learning courses that  pair with opportunities provided by established community partnerships. Click on the button below for a list of community partners.

Physical Education

Health Education (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Health Quest (Odysseyware, 6-8)

Personal Fitness (eDynamic, 6-12)

Nutrition and Wellness (eDynamic, 6-12)

Health 1: Life Management Skills (eDynamic, 6-12)

Online PBL Athletic Skills

Online PBL Sports and Fitness Exploration

Music Education

Music Appreciation (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Music Theory (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Band (Sixth Grade, Middle School, High School)

Online PBL Music Skills

Online PBL Music Exploration

Art Education

Art History (Odysseyware)

Digital Arts (Odysseyware)

Digital Photography (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Art in World Cultures (eDynamic, 9-12)

Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening (eDynamic, 9-12)

Varies by trimester; contact Liz Wilson.

Online PBL Art Skills

Online PBL Art Exploration

Doodle Crate

World Languages

Spanish I, II, III (Odysseyware, 9-12)

French I and II (Odysseyware, 9-12)

American Sign Language I-II (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

French I-III (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

German I-II (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Japanese I-III (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Spanish I-IV (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Chinese I-IV (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Latin I-II (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

 American Sign Language 1a: Introduction (eDynamic, 8-12)

American Sign Language 1b: Learn to Sign (eDynamic, 8-12)

American Sign Language 2a: Communicating (eDynamic, 8-12)

American Sign Language 2b: Advancing Communication Skills (eDynamic, 8-12)

Techology / STEAM

Introduction to Computer Science (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Engineering and Design (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Engineering and Product Development (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to STEM (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Science and Mathematics in the Real World (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Scientific Research (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Business Information Computer Information Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Fundamentals of Computer Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Fundamentals of Digital Media (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Intro to Information Technology Support and Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Information Technology (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Network Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Network System Design (Odysseyware, 9-12)

New Applications: Web Development in the 21st Century (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Software Development Tools (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Advanced Programming: Mobile Apps and Game Design (Michigan Virtual)

Advanced Web Design: JavaScript (Michigan Virtual) 

Basic Web Design: HTML & CSS (Michigan Virtual)

CCNA 1: Introduction to Networking (Michigan Virtual)

CCNA 2: Routing and Switching Essentials (Michigan Virtual)

CCNA 3: Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation (Michigan Virtual)

CIS 115: Microcomputer Applications (Michigan Virtual)

Computer Basics (Google Suite) (Michigan Virtual)

Digital Information Technology A and B (Michigan Virtual)

Foundations of Programming A and B (Michigan Virtual)

Java Programming A and B (Michigan Virtual)

JavaScript Game Design (Michigan Virtual)

Linux Essentials (Michigan Virtual)

Linux Operating System 1 and 2 (Michigan Virtual)

Networking and Cybersecurity Essentials (Michigan Virtual)

Procedural Programming (Michigan Virtual)

Learning in a Digital World: Digital Citizenship (eDynamic, 6-12)

Biotechnology 1a: Introduction (eDynamic 9-12)

Biotechnology 1b: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets (eDynamic, 9-12)

Renewable Technologies (eDynamic, 9-12)

Additional Electives

Civics (Odysseyware, 8)

Civil War (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Twentieth Century American History (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Vietnam Era (Odysseyware, 9-12)

World Geography (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Essentials of Business (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Essentials of Communication (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Media Studies (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Personal and Family Living (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Personal Financial Literacy (Odysseyware, 9-12)

ACT Test Prep (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Keyboarding and Applications (Odysseyware, 6-8)

Career Explorations I, II, and III (Odysseyware, 7-8)

Construction Careers (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Careers in Architecture and Construction (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Business Law (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Career Management (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Principles of Business and Finance (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Small Business Entrepreneurship (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Careers in Marketing Research (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Careers in Logistics Planning and Management Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Intro to Careers in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Technology and Business (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Careers in Government and Public Administration (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Food Safety and Sanitation (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Planning Meetings and Special Events (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality and Tourism (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Transportation and Tours for the Traveler (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Family and Community Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Consumer Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Human Growth and Development (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Human Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Personal Care Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Corrections: Policies and Procedures (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Fire and Emergency Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Law Enforcement Field Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Legal Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Security and Protective Services (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Agribusiness Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Animal Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Food Products and Processing Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Plant Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Power, Structural, and Technical Systems (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Careers in Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Careers in Education and Training (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Teaching and Training Careers (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Banking Services Careers (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Careers in Finance (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Careers in Allied Health (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Introduction to Careers in Health Sciences (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities and Unlimited Potential (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians and Other Doctors (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in Heath Care (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Scientific Discovery and Development (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Therapeutics: The Art of Restoring and Maintaining Wellness (Odysseyware, 9-12)

Accounting (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Anthropology (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Archeology (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Astronomy (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Bioethics (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Business Ethics (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Career Planning (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Careers – Find Your Future (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Character Education (Michigan Virtual, 6-9)

Criminology (Michigan Virtual, 9-12)

Personal and Family Finance (eDynamic, 9-12)

Real World Parenting (eDynamic, 9-12)

Life Skills: Navigating Adulthood (eDynamic, 9-12)

Creative Writing (eDynamic, 8-12)

Creative Writing: Unleashing the Core of Your Imagination (eDynamic, 8-12)

Gothic Literature: Monster Stories (eDynamic, 9-12)

Journalism 1a: Introduction (eDynamic, 9-12)

Journalism 1b: Investigating the Truth (eDynamic, 9-12)

Mythology and Folklore: Legendary Tales (eDynamic, 7-12)

Public Speaking 1a: Introduction (eDynamic, 8-12)

Public Speaking 1b: Finding Your Voice (eDynamic, 8-12)

Reading and Writing for Purpose (eDynamic, 7-12)

The Lord of the Rings: An Exploration of the Films and Their Literary Influences (Edynamic, 8-12)

Archaeology: Detectives of the Past (eDynamic, 8-12)

Astronomy 1a: Introduction (eDynamic, 8-12)

Astronomy 1b: Exploring the Universe (eDynamic, 8-12)

Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind (eDynamic, 9-12)

Forensic Science 1: Secrets of the Dead (eDynamic, 9-12)

Forensic Science 2: More Secrets of the Dead (eDynamic, 9-12)

Marine Science: Secrets of the Blue (eDynamic, 8-12)

Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals (eDynamic, 8-12)

African American History (eDynamic, 8-12)

Anthropology 1: Uncovering Human Mysteries (eDynamic, 9-12)

Anthropology 2: More Human Mysteries Uncovered (eDynamic, 9-12)

History of the Holocaust (eDynamic, 9-12)

Human Geography: Our Global Identity (eDynamic, 9-12)

Peer Counseling (eDynamic, 9-12)

Personal Psychology 1: The Road to Self-Discovery (eDynamic, 9-12)

Personal Psychology 2: Living in a Complex World (eDynamic, 9-12)

Philosophy: The Big Picture (eDynamic, 9-12)

Social Problems 1: A World in Crisis (eDynamic, 8-12)

Social Problems 2: Crisis, Conflicts, and Challenges (eDynamic, 8-12)

Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships (eDynamic, 9-12)

Sociology II: Your Social Life (eDynamic, 9-12)

Women’s Studies: A Personal Journey Through Film (eDynamic, 9-12)

World Religions: Exploring Diversity (eDynamic, 8-12)

Advanced Placement

All AP courses are available through Michigan Virtual and are SEMESTER courses. Parents are responsible for the cost of the AP Examination in the spring.

AP Art History

AP Biology

AP Calculus

AP Chemistry

AP Chinese

AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Language and Composition

AP Literature and Composition

AP Environmental Science

AP French

AP Human Geography

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Physics

AP Psychology

AP Spanish

AP Statistics

AP Government and Politics

AP US History

AP World History

Dual Enrollment

Homeschool students may participate in college dual enrollment, specifically at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), taking eligible courses either traditionally, or online with GRCC. Saugatuck  will pay a capped amount allotted by the State of Michigan, as long as the student fulfills the dual enrollment requirements and is enrolled in a minimum of one (1) Community Partner or Online Course with Saugatuck.  Students must successfully complete any dual enrolled course in order for the district to contribute to tuition.  All costs and fees that exceed the capped amount are the responsibility of the student/family. Contact our offices to learn more about this opportunity.