SPS Trailblazers

The Saugatuck Public Schools Board of Education is proud to announce the selection of Trailblazers as the new mascot name for the district. A motion to accept the recommendation of the SPS Mascot Development Committee passed unanimously.

The Mascot Development Committee unanimously recommended Trailblazers to the board of education following a seven-month process that included community and student surveys, input from an advisory group, board workshops, and conceptual art provided by SHS art students. In its recommendation to the board, the committee noted, “Trailblazers offers much more depth than the other finalists, and encompasses the entire community, including students who find their identity in varying aspirations, alumni who have created their own life path , small business owners, artists, and anyone else that has blazed their own trail.”

“This is a very positive day for the district”, noted superintendent Dr. Tim Travis. “ I applaud the board for embarking on this journey that ultimately fosters a school culture conducive to learning that values racial equity, diversity and the inclusion of all students. Trailblazers captures the district goal of students finding their unique educational path as well as leading the way to a better future for others.”

Over ninety unique nominations submitted by students, parents, community members and alumni were vetted against the position statement created by the committee: The new Saugatuck Public Schools mascot will be locally relevant, relatable to both current students and alumni and will portray a positive, uplifting image. This mascot will tell a story, inspire our students and community, and portray strength. The new mascot will not reference any groups of people or specific cultures.

SHS junior Carter Dvorak provided this feedback to the committee, “From the moment I looked at the initial list, I knew I loved the Trailblazers. The name matches all of the needed criteria. It is culturally relevant both in the geography of the Saugatuck/Douglas area and for the meaning behind the name.”

Matt Diaz provided this perspective as an SHS alum and from his current role in the district as an education professional and coach, “The district’s mission statement is ‘prepare students for life’. This is exactly what a Trailblazer does. A Trailblazer is prepared for life. A Trailblazer leaves their mark on society. A Trailblazer creates a path for others to follow. A Trailblazer is someone who leads by example to get the job done. I truly have faith this is what we are teaching all our students here at SPS.”

The district will now embark on a process to develop images, messaging and brand standards that capture the Trailblazer spirit that the district has long been known for. The district will retain the iconic royal blue & orange school colors.