The spirit of Thanksgiving is fitting all year long

One of the things I enjoy most as an educator is the commonality between home life and school life.

For me, both of these areas of my life are anchored in a strong belief in FAMILY.

Probably like you, I have rich memories of the family gatherings I experienced through the years.

From our loved ones who are still with us – to those who have passed – we’ve been blessed to have caring family members in our lives to give us joy, encouragement, and comfort just when we needed it most.

It’s always the people in our lives – not the food and the football games – that warm our hearts.

And just as our family members and friends have brought so much positive into our lives,

we must also seek opportunities to be sources of joy, encouragement, and comfort in others as well.

It’s something we need to be intentional about, both at home and where we work.

So, I’m pleased to tell you that I see a consistent “family mindset” in our people and in our programs at SPS.

Caring and talented people of all ages and backgrounds are igniting mini-miracles in learning every school day and wherever I look, I see students, staff, parents, and community members finding opportunities as a SCHOOL FAMILY to bring joy, encouragement, and comfort to one another.

It’s a wonderful blessing to have so many individuals and groups making sure our community’s families in need are supported.

Our high school’s National Honor Society assisting the Christian Neighbors organization with the collection and distribution of holiday meals.

Thanks to student councils and student leadership activities, we have food drives and family support initiatives in all of our schools.

Organizations such as the Cow Hill Yacht Club and Children First Lakeshore are year-round partners in supporting our students and their families.

While these are just a few examples, they all go to prove that the cause of caring for others is alive and well all around us.

I guess the moral of this particular post is that a spirit of GRATITUDE is fitting for every day of the year.

We are blessed in in the greater Saugatuck/Douglas area to be part of a fantastic community and to have each other as friends and neighbors.

We can be grateful for the blessings we have, who we are, and also for where we live – to be privileged by our great freedoms and yes, even by our ever-changing weather!

How can you not like each one of Michigan’s seasons?

So, in closing, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I also wish you good luck in working out all of the details necessary to pull your family together to find a time to create this year’s memories.

I’m finding out that this is often a difficult task!

Now with six grandchildren, my wife and I are challenged to plan around our kids and everyone’s family and work schedules.

She and I are learning to become more patient and flexible and not cling so tightly to our decades-old family traditions.

Times change.

Oh well, I guess this all goes to show another way home life and school life are similar.

Both now require more time and attention for the complexities of logistics and scheduling!